The Athletics of Parenting

Photo by Susan Flynn on Unsplash

Literally everything takes a thousand times longer and more effort to do when you have a toddler. Trying to make a pancake with a toddler is like competing in a triathlon where you do all three races simultaneously.

Seriously, try it sometime.

This is because toddlers must be held while you break eggs (one handed, of course). Toddlers must also be allowed to climb all over the cabinets while you pour liquids into bowls. And obviously, they must be allowed to jump from the cabinet into your arms while you are maneuvering a spatula and skillet near a hot stove. Oh, and don’t forget that they must sample all the food even if it isn’t quite ready.

The Ultimate Awards Show

I say, forget the Olympics, the Oscars, or any other competition. Parenting is the ultimate test of endurance and skill. We need an award ceremony for parents every year.

“You made your kid a sandwich! Congratulations! You’ve earned a nap! Proceed to the comfiest spot in your house and the parenting award ceremony committee will take care of the rest.”

You may wonder why a parent is exhausted when all they have done is make a sandwich for their kid. But, believe me, making that sandwich burnt more calories than the actual calories in the sandwich.

I Really Just Need a Laugh…and Maybe a Nap

Okay, this may be a bit hyperbolic, but if you’re a parent, you know it can be tough. I think laughter is one of the best ways to deal with a long and tiring day of toddler triathlon cooking.

Honestly, I’m very grateful for my toddler and all the wild and crazy activities he brings my way; life would be a lot duller without him. I’m also very grateful for other parents who can laugh at my stories and can share their stories with me. Keep up the good work everyone! You do deserve a medal. Now, can we really do something about that free nap?

All I can think to say of myself is that I'm always hungry - hungry for food or hungry for riveting stories.